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Who We Are

Animal lovers Clair and Simon have built a dream cattery for your feline friends. There are five double apartments and one for three cats. Each is climate-controlled with an attached, secure outside space. The communal lounge area is open all day for cats to play in the cat tower or sleep on the sofa.

For dogs there are four kennels, which can accommodate up to three dogs, with separate play-pens connected to a communal area with see-saw, jumps and a pool for the summer heat. Countryside walks can be arranged and there are also a few in-house boarding places.

Pet collections are offered, as well as discounts for multiple pets or long stays. See our Rates Page for details.


Why Us?

  • Years of experience - including coping with conditions in Andalucia
  • New, purpose-built facilities for both cats and dogs
  • We live on the premises
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